Phuket Bang La Road Sex Guide

Bang La
Bang La

Phuket’s Bang La Road (Bangla Road or Soi Bangla) sits right in the centre of the action in Patong and is the main party spot on the island. It has more bars and bar girls than anywhere in Phuket and is on a par with Walking Street in Pattaya and Patpong in Bangkok. On Phuket Bang La Road you will find beer bars, go go bars, real pubs, live music venues and nightclubs.

Bang La is in the middle of Patong running perpendicular from the beach road around 300 or 400m to Ratuthit Songroipi Road. As with its Bangkok and Pattaya counterparts, Bang La Road is also closed to traffic at night and has a real carnival-like atmosphere.

The main street spills out onto a number of sois, where most of the bars are at. They are: Soi Easy, Soi Gonzo, Soi Eric, Soi Crocodile (Soi Katoey), Soi Sea Dragon, Soi Lion, and Soi Tiger.

There are more beer bars than anything else along these sois and they all open to the street and to each other – go go bars can also be found on Phuket Bang La Road itself and usually upstairs. One of the sois is dedicated solely to ladyboys (or katoeys, transvestites), which is Soi Crocodile. Often referred to as simply Soi Katoey, you can easily spot this one as it has several of them dancing on stage at the head of the soi looking out over the main road.

Bang La Road also has some good nightclubs, such as Tiger towards the end of the road. There are also beer bars underneath here. Most beer bars have music and they all compete with one another. At any one you sit in you will be able to hear the music from others nearby to the point of being disorientating if you haven’t had a few beers. Bars open from 10am and close at 2am on Phuket Bang La Road.

Meeting horny Thai girls for free:
Many ‘bachelors’ visiting Thailand take the easy way out by visiting girlie bars and go go bars, but there are also regular girls not on the game that are keen on meeting foreigners for a fling. Horny and lonely girls go looking for sex online with visiting or resident Westerners. They aren’t expecting money or a long-term boyfriend and haven’t been with many other men. One of the best places to meet these chicks is Adult Friend Finder, where there are more than 10,000 registered Thai female members.

Bars on Bang La Road

There are bars galore on both sides of Bang La Road as well as sois going off either side. Here’s a run down of some of the best ones:

Soi Crocodile: Also Soi Katoey, this is always one of the busiest sois along Bang La Road, with its pretty ladyboys and stage out front. The Point Bar and Rasta Bar are both popular. Careful of ladyboys spiking your drink in Crocodile!

Soi Easy: This complex goes over two floors and has a couple dozen bars, including mostly beer bars as well as the odd go go bar (The Secret) and some Western-style bars. The Aussie Bar is the best known and is always busy.

Soi Gonzo: Next to Soi Easy, this little soi is a bit milder than the rest and much less busy. About a dozen bars reside here, though, including the fun Wet Spot and the Black Cat.

Soi Eric: This is one of the favourites as it is well thought out and doesn’t have different music blasting out of each bar; there’s just the one DJ. Soi Eric also has a go go bar, a restaurant, pharmacy and even an art gallery if you fancy taking in a little culture.

Soi Seadragon: Has been rebuilt of late with two levels of beer bars and go go bars and comes with just the one sound system. Two Brothers and Mickey Mouse are popular beer bars, and Playschool, Exotica, and Suzy Wong I and II are good go gos. There are also regular bars, such as the vaunted Scandinavian Bar, plus some eateries.

Soi Tiger: This soi towards the end of the road has about 25 bars that are tucked under Tiger Disco. It’s a smart looking street and includes the likes of Sharky Bar (schoolgirl outfits) and Hot Rock (go go).

Soi Lion: This street sat between Tiger and Seadragon and is now Bangla Shopping Mall.

Soi Vegas: Boasts many fun bars, such as Cocktails & Dreams (ladyboys onstage), go go bars like Money Night, and a Russian go go bar called Moulin Rouge. There’s also the Ice Bar here and many pool tables.

Can you bring girls to your hotel?
Some Bangkok hotels don’t mind tourists bringing bar girls back to their room as long as they are discreet, while others charge extra or forbid it altogether. To save the embarrassment we’ve enquired with most of them and listed those that are suited to bachelors; see the list, rates and booking here.
Bang La sex guide

Picking up ladies couldn’t be easier – there’s nothing special with Phuket Bang La Road in this respect; the only thing is you get more choice. Just walk around it all and head into a soi you like the look of, or indeed the beer bars open to the road itself. The latter tend to have cheaper beer and are easier going.

If you fancy a bar girl or go go girl, buy them a drink (this will relax them) and ask them how much for sex (though not right away). Once the price has been agreed, you pay a 300-500 baht ‘bar fine’ and head out. The girl gets paid in the morning and she will usually want tipping. If the sex wasn’t good, don’t worry about this, but if you had a really good time, drop her another 500 baht.

The cost of bar girl sex from Bang La Road is more than elsewhere in Phuket, generally. Some places will do you ‘short-time’ for 1,000 baht (one or two hours), while all night can be from 1,500 up to 4,000 for the top go go girls. Freelancers on Phuket Bang La Road should get paid no more than 1,500 baht all night. Always be sure the girl leaves her ID card info with the hotel reception.