Pattaya Walking Street Sex Guide

PTY32Pattaya Walking Street is the de facto red light district of Pattaya and is probably Thailand’s best known soi after Patpong in Bangkok, and on par with Phuket’s Bangla Road. It runs from the southern end of Beach Road on down to Bali Hai Pier; encompassing a kilometre-long stretch of open-air beer bars, go go bars, nightclubs, live music venues, Thai boxing rings, restaurants, and more. 

Walking Street is right at the centre of Pattaya’s nightlife scene and has many of the best bars and go go joints in this beach resort town. There is something here for everyone, including some pretty classy boutiques that are best seen by day when the masses are on the beach. As well as its 100 or so beer bars and 30 go go bars, the roads and side sois to the east of Walking Street are full with even more watering holes.

The start of Pattaya Walking Street is marked by a large sign at the main entrance from the Beach Road end. Cars and bikes can go here by day, but it is closed to traffic between 18:00 and 02:00, when most bars close. The southern, quieter end of Pattaya Walking Street is Bali Hai Pier (the New Pier), with the old one sitiated at the Beach Road end.

There are well over a thousand girls working in bars in and around Walking Street. Simply cruise from one bar to the next to see what takes your fancy. As with elsewhere in Pattaya, Walking Street prostitutes are a lot cheaper than they are in Bangkok, costing around 500-1,000 baht for short-time (an hour or two) and 1,500 and up for all night. The smarter girls in the best go go bars can often command up to 4,000 baht for a night’s action!

To pick up some Pattaya Walking Street sex, park yourself in one of the bars, have a beer and let the girls come over and chat you up. Pop the question to one you fancy (ask how much), then pay the bar fine and get back to your hotel. Always know the price first, don’t let her get away with ‘up to you’ because it probably won’t be enough in the morning. Also be sure the girl shows her ID card to the hotel reception.

Even if you’re not into the glitz and sex scene of Pattaya Walking Street, it is definitely worth having a stroll down at night. There are also plenty of quality pubs down this street that are good for couples and even families. In addition, there are Thai boxing rings surrounded by bars that put on matches nightly. Be careful betting, though, as most of them are exhibition and/or rigged. 

Can you bring girls to your hotel?
Some Bangkok hotels don’t mind tourists bringing bar girls back to their room as long as they are discreet, while others charge extra or forbid it altogether. To save the embarrassment we’ve enquired with most of them and listed those that are suited to bachelors; see the list, rates and booking here.
Walking Street bars

The following is a small section of the hundreds of Walking Streets bars in between the oodles of go go bars and regular beer bars.

Siren Bar Complex: Right at the main entrance of Walking Street is this huge collection of open-air beer bars that start serving beer at 4pm. There’s a boxing ring in the centre here with exhibition matches from 22:00. Features literally dozens and dozens of eager girls.

Tony’s Entertainment Complex: An attractive bar with good live music right on the street. The service and décor is first class, though drinks are pricey. 

Meeting horny Thai girls for free:
Many ‘bachelors’ visiting Thailand take the easy way out by visiting girlie bars and go go bars, but there are also regular girls not on the game that are keen on meeting foreigners for a fling. Horny and lonely girls go looking for sex online with visiting or resident Westerners. They aren’t expecting money or a long-term boyfriend and haven’t been with many other men. One of the best places to meet these chicks is Adult Friend Finder, where there are more than 10,000 registered Thai female members.

Jenny Star Bar: Located below Peppermint Palace, this place is good for those into ladyboys (transvestites). It’s open to the street and is well known throughout Pattaya.

Carousel Beer Bar: Just off Walking Street, on Soi Diamond, is this pair of outdoor bars that go from 17:00. Very popular and always busy.

Club Boesché: One for the ladies is this fun lesbian go go bar on Soi 16 (between Walking Street and Pratamnak Road). Fairly new, split-level bar featuring a Jacuzzi sunk into the floor near the bar. Pairs of ladies perform from 22:00.

Beach Club: Located near the end of the street at Soi 15, this go go bar is one of the best in the area. It comes with obligatory chrome pole, lots of lights and mirrors, and, of course, dancing girls on tables.

Marine Disco: One of Pattaya’s best known discos, with a large dance floor and some decent music courtesy of quality DJs. Free entry, expensive drinks, but good for those looking for a freelancer (later on).

A popular alternative to Pattaya Walking Street for sex is Soi 6. It is farther north, linking Beach Road with Second Road, and can be got to on foot or by taking a songthaew around the back via Second Road. On the way is a group of busy bars between sois 1 and 4 of Second Road.

The nightlife areas are always busy and mostly safe; however, pickpockets do operate here and especially on Walking Street, even though the Tourist Police are always patrolling. Never carry a passport or wads of cash and cards by night, and leave that silly bumbag in the hotel. In any case, you pay the girls in the morning so no need to carry around thousands of baht.