Koh Samui Sex Tourist Guide

Most tourists to Koh Samui mainly come for the beaches and the chilled ambience, appealing to all walks of life. However, as with elsewhere in Thailand, it also has a flourishing sex scene, although it’s a lot more laidback and casual than the decadence of Pattaya and Bangkok.

The main beach resort areas of Chaweng and Lamai on the east coast offer the most action. These places both have oodles of beer bars and go-gos, mainly around Chaweng Lake and halfway down the main street in Lamai. They are loaded with open-air bars, some go go bars and sex massage parlours, and you can have a girl for the night for around 2,000 baht.


Bachelor Hotels
Not all hotels on Samui will let you bring home a bar girl, or may charge extra. We’ve done the legwork and know which ones don’t mind guests bringing home guests; see here for rates…more


Samui is a more laid-back than the likes of Pattaya and Phuket, though there’s still plenty of action of a night, from beer bars to go-gos and clubs. Girls are ever present, take a look…more


Bar Girls
Most can be found plying their trade in the bars of the main east coast resorts; get the low-down on how it all works, where to find them, what to say, how much…more

Enjoy legitimate massages on the beach, on the street, in spas, or head for a ‘soapy’ at a more discreet massage parlour. The best value for a ‘happy ending’ treatment in Samui…more


South of Chaweng and the main focus of girlie bars in Samui, the Lamai scene is centred on the entertainment area in the middle of the resort. Enjoy beaches, bars, massage and sex…more


See & Do
Samui is also a tourist destination and there is loads to see away from the main resorts. Beaches go right around the island, trekking & waterfalls in the interior and all sorts of activities…more

Hua Hin girls and bar scene

There is a red light district in town of sorts and it is centred on the narrow Soi Bintabaht not far from the beach. There are dozens of beers bars with girls along this soi, as well as side streets, and this is the main area where other pubs, cafés and restaurants reside. The bar girls will go home with you for 1,000 baht; a lot cheaper than Bangkok, but you’ll need to negotiate.

Meeting horny Thai girls for free:
Many ‘bachelors’ visiting Thailand take the easy way out by visiting girlie bars and go go bars, but there are also regular girls not on the game that are keen on meeting foreigners for a fling. Horny and lonely girls go looking for sex online with visiting or resident Westerners. They aren’t expecting money or a long-term boyfriend and haven’t been with many other men. One of the best places to meet these chicks is Adult Friend Finder, where there are more than 10,000 registered Thai female members.

Koh Samui girls and bar scene

Although Koh Samui is mostly about the beach – with the sex scene an add on – you can easily find girls for short time or all night, day or night. Chaweng and Lamai are king, though Bophut and other places also have options. You will find most choice in the many beer bars and it’s easy to cruise from one to the next to find what you’re looking for.

Can you bring girls to your hotel?
Some Bangkok hotels don’t mind tourists bringing bar girls back to their room as long as they are discreet, while others charge extra or forbid it altogether. To save the embarrassment we’ve enquired with most of them and listed those that are suited to bachelors; see the list, rates and booking here.

There are much less in the way of proper go-go bars in Samui (as with Bangkok) and they are more discreet, and more expensive. Though there are no large brothels as with Bangkok and Pattaya, there are some sophisticated places, like Dream Girls in Soi Green Mango, Chaweng, which are worth a visit.

Most of the action is on the quasi-island across from Chaweng Road (back from the beach) – hard to miss and very noisy. Of late, however, the entertainment centre in central Lamai has overtaken Chaweng somewhat for its girlie scene; purported to now be the best on the island.